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Whether you are just starting out your exciting university experience or are already settled into your academic routine, Campus Africa has the fun, affordable, welcoming student accommodation you’ve been searching for. Located in the heart of Braamfontein with easy access to the Wits and UJ campuses, Campus Africa offers both exciting, collaborative social and academic spaces as well as reliable and comfortable places to rest after your long days of studying. Our residents boast about the way their res helps them maintain their self-care, sense of community, and academic success made possible by our larger than life community.




Here at Campus Africa, we understand the importance of self-expression. That’s why we’ve got seven different NSFAS accredited residences to choose from, each offering a variety of room types and locations to provide you with a res that ticks all of your boxes. Additionally, we hope to keep you and your bank account in good standing, so you can keep your focus on your coursework. That said, higher education isn’t all just about studying, and we have a host of activities and events, in addition to the vibrance of our communal spaces, to make your experience as great as it can be. Check out the online notice board for information on the upcoming events at Campus Africa, ranging from meet and greets to music, sports and mental health awareness.


Each of our locations is equipped with free laundry services, free uncapped WiFi, and enough furniture to call your private and shared spaces ‘home’. Our 24/7 security, house rules, shared space cleaning, and prompt maintenance team are here to help you feel comfortable and cared about throughout the entirety of your time with us. We’ve fully adjusted to life during Covid-19 and have all of the safety precautions taken care of, so you can feel safe and focus on your own academics and health. However, if you need help with anything in the residence, we’ve got a new app and an on-call building manager that can take care of your needs via phone. As far as layout, the residences, unless otherwise noted, are mixed-gender and separated based on the floor you live on. Interested? Here’s a rundown of life at each of our seven residences, located throughout Johannesburg!



Our most central location is the trendy, vibrant Braamfontein Lofts (Braamlofts), located in the heart of the city, with easy access to public transportation, the city library, museums, shops, and all of the culture Johannesburg has to offer. Though campus is just minutes away, you’ll find a vibrant and trendy neighbourhood outside your door to explore in your free time. Offering single, double, and triple rooms at low prices, Braamlofts holds 142 students in 60 units, each with its own private bathroom and kitchen. 


Located just 400m away from Wits University, our 80 Jorissen residence offers affordable and comfortable living in a modern-style building. Housing 175 students, the residence offers fully furnished rooms with kitchenettes, shared TV spaces, and a fitness centre, so you can stay healthy from the comfort of your residence! Peeking out your window, you’ll enjoy city views, and since you are only a dash away from your classes, you’ll have extra time to slip in a mid-day nap, last-minute study, or a gym session.


Down the street is 49 Jorissen, which is powered by Campus Africa. If you would like to live in an apartment-style residence, then 49 Jorissen is for you! Each apartment has its own kitchen, storage, and bathroom, and can be shared among 2, 3, or 4 students.


Looking to meet new people? Head to one of the shared study or entertainment spaces, which feature pool tables, televisions, and an outdoor braai area. Just ten minutes from campus, 49 Jorissen also has access to all of the bustling city centre bars, shopping, and restaurants.


In Joubert Park, near the University of Johannesburg Doornfontein campus, our Wynton Joy accommodation is a low-rise, 155 student block that overlooks the Ekhaya Park. Choose from single or double rooms, each with a shared kitchenette and access to a communal garden and rooftop jacuzzi, pool tables and recreation areas, fitness centre, and study spaces. The social vibes at Wynton Joy are relaxed and welcoming, so you’re sure to feel right at home.


Nearby, our Dunvista Mansions residence offers old-fashioned low-rise apartments with large windows and classic apartment features. These cosy rooms can be rented as single or doubles, with shared kitchenettes. The sense of community here is strong, as the Yards soccer fields are just outside your door, and spaces like the gym, communal garden, study rooms, and pool rooms are all available on-site. From this residence, you can take the bus to any UJ or Wits campus, while enjoying the close proximity to a vibrant, engaging student neighbourhood.

Rennie House Apartments, nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Johannesburg’s Braamfontein, offer a unique and comfortable living experience. Ideally situated in proximity to the prestigious Wits University, these apartments provide convenient accommodation for students and professionals alike. Managed by Campus Africa, a trusted name in student housing, Rennie House Apartments boast modern amenities and a secure environment. Residents can enjoy the dynamic urban atmosphere of Braamfontein, with its eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, and cultural hubs. With a commitment to fostering a conducive living and learning environment, Rennie House Apartments cater to the diverse needs of its residents, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and enriching living experience in the heart of Johannesburg.

Finally, our YMCA accommodation is our largest residence, with the constant buzz of 300 students working and living together will help you enjoy and embrace the student community of Johannesburg. Located just minutes from University of Johannesburg, Wits, Central Technical College, and Central Johannesburg TVET College, this accommodation is sure to provide all of the comfort and sociability you desire. With free shuttle services stopping outside the door, and a proximal location to all of Braamfontein’s student life, there is truly never a dull moment at the YMCA. In your unit, you will have a total of two or three residents, full furnishings, and access to communal kitchens, media entertainment rooms, and pool and foosball tables. Fancy some exercise? Grab a gym buddy and head to the fitness centre. But, if you need to get serious about your studies, the quiet spaces are always available.


Our students rave about the hospitality and environment at all of the Campus Africa accommodations. If any of these sounds like the residence for you, check out our enquiry form at or WhatsApp us directly on 071 999 1246


We will then work with you to schedule a viewing date that fits into your schedule. On your viewing date, you will then be able to select your preferred room, and so long as you bring all of the required documents (student card or proof of registration, ID book, and NSFAS or bursary approval), you’ll be set to sign your lease and start your life at Campus Africa. Each residence is based around similar pricing, so we hope you will have the opportunity to choose the community that feels right for you on the next step of your journey.


Until then, if you’ve got any burning questions or interest in Campus Africa, feel free to explore our socials on Instagram ( or Twitter (@CampusAfrica_), message us on Facebook (@CampusAfricaLife), and check out our YouTube channel (Campus Africa). We look forward to welcoming you to the Campus Africa community!

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Whether you are just starting out your exciting university experience or are already settled into your academic routine, Campus Africa has the fun, affordable, welcoming student accommodation you’ve been searching for. Located in the heart of Braamfontein with easy access to the Wits and UJ campuses, Campus Africa offers both...

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