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Essential Reasons Why Living Close to Campus Enhances Your College Experience

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Why Live Close to Campus? The Benefits of Short Commutes for Wits and University of Johannesburg Students


Living close to your university campus isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic choice that can profoundly impact your academic success and overall quality of life. For students at Wits University and University of Johannesburg, the bustling heart of Johannesburg offers unique opportunities that are just a short walk or commute away.

Let’s delve into why proximity to your campus is more than just a time-saver—it’s a game-changer.

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Maximized Study Time

Minutes matter in student life, especially when deadlines loom. Living close to Wits or UJ can convert time spent commuting into valuable study hours. With the library, lectures, and study groups all within easy reach, you’ll find more time to focus on your academics, participate in group projects, and access university resources.


Richer Campus Engagement

Being close to campus means you’re always in the loop. Spontaneous study sessions, guest lectures, and campus events are all within a stone’s throw. This ease of access encourages deeper engagement with the campus community, fostering connections and experiences that enrich your student journey.


Improved Well-Being

Reduced commute times can lead to less stress and more rest. Living closer to campus gives you the luxury of extra sleep in the morning or a quick midday break, which can significantly benefit your mental and physical health. For Wits and UJ students, this can also mean more time to enjoy the vibrant surroundings of Johannesburg.


Economic Advantages

While rent near campus might sometimes be higher, the overall cost savings can be substantial. You’ll save on transportation costs and the time value of money spent commuting. Additionally, being close to campus resources can reduce the need for personal amenities like printers or gym memberships, as you’ll have access to these on campus.


Social Perks

Living near Wits or UJ keeps you close to the social pulse of university life. Whether it’s coffee dates, group outings, or networking events, you’re in an ideal position to nurture friendships and build professional connections that can last a lifetime.


Safety and Security

A short commute often means less time traveling during late hours, which can enhance your personal safety. For students at Wits and UJ, being close to campus security resources and within the familiar territory of your student community can provide added peace of mind.


Environmental Impact

Choosing to live near campus has a positive effect on the environment. Less commuting means a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability efforts. This benefit is universal and aligns with the increasing global emphasis on eco-friendly living practices.


Local Economic Contribution

By living near campus, you become a part of the local economy. Your presence supports nearby businesses and services, contributing to the vibrancy and growth of the area surrounding Wits and UJ.


A Balanced Lifestyle

Finally, the proximity to campus allows for a more balanced lifestyle. You’ll have more flexibility to engage in leisure activities, pursue hobbies, or simply relax in your own space. This balance is crucial for maintaining a positive outlook and reducing burnout.



For Wits and UJ students, the decision to live close to campus is a strategic one with multifaceted benefits. It’s a choice that supports academic achievement, enhances social connectivity, and contributes to personal well-being. While these advantages are highlighted for students in Johannesburg, they hold true for students globally, emphasizing the universal value of embracing campus life to its fullest.


Living near your university isn’t just about cutting down on travel time; it’s about immersing yourself in the academic and social opportunities that shape your university experience.

For those weighing their options, consider the array of benefits that a short commute to Wits or UJ can offer, and make the choice that will serve you best in your

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