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Enquire about room availability at Campus Africa:

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Please Note:

  1. Once your enquiry form has been received our agent contact you to confirm availability.
  2. Thereafter, to complete your booking you will need to provide:
      1️⃣ Copy of your ID
      2️⃣ Proof of Booking Fee payment (depends on your residence – see bottom below)
  3. Rooms are allocated once you have successfully finalised your application by providing the remaining necessary documents:
      3️⃣ Proof of University Registration
      4️⃣ Copy of Student Card
      5️⃣ Proof of Funding
  4. Proof of Funding consists of:

      🔘 NSFAS Applicants ➜ NSFAS Approval
      🔘 BURSARY Applicants ➜ Bursary Letter
      🔘 CASH Applicants ➜ Sponsor/Parent’s Documents,including:

        ☑️ Copy of ID
        ☑️ 3 Months Bank Statements (6 months if NO payslip)
        ☑️ Proof of Income (payslip)
  5. Once the above has been finalised, you will be able to choose your room & sign your (10 month) lease agreement with your designated building manager.
  6. 2023 Non-Refundable Booking Fees by Residence (where applicable):
    • Braamlofts – R500
    • 80 Jorissen- R500
    • 49 Jorissen – R650
    • YMCA – R500
    • Dunvista – R350 (Singles + Cash Students)
    • Wynton Joy – R350 (Singles + Cash Students)
    • 126 Siemert – R350 (Singles + Cash Students)