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Campus Africa Student Handbook And House Rules 2021


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Welcome to Consolidated Urban, Campus Africa. We trust your stay with us will be a successful, enjoyable and happy one. It is of vital importance, both to us, and to you, the student, that the living environment within the residence is not only safe and secure, but also provides an atmosphere conducive to effective study, and respectful community living.

The purpose of the Campus Africa Student Handbook And House Rules is to set out guidelines, rules and regulations which will ensure a harmonious environment for all students in which they can live, learn and excel in all spheres of student life. Please ensure that you read and understand these carefully. Please ask Residence Staff if you are unsure of anything contained in this handbook, or how it relates to you personally. Please note that Consolidated Urban Management reserve the right to amend the Residence Rules at any time, and insist that all residents adhere to such amendments.


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